• German politician received death threat...//07.10.2009

    ... after he decided not to form a coalition with the German Left Party, which is the successor of the former East German SED party and contains many former Stasi spies.

    The Politician Christoph Matschie is the leader of the SPD (the German Democratic Party) in the former East German State of Thuringia. After the last State elections the SPD must decide whether to form a coalition with the CDU (Conservative Party in Germany) or the Green Party (minor environmental party) AND the Left Party.

    Last week Matschie opted against a coalition and government by joining forces with the Left Party. He decided to form a coalition with the CDU instead...

    And he promptly received an anonymous death threat last weekend. Someone sent him a threatening letter - and included a live bullet in the envelope.

    This is one of the typical methods how the former Stasi (which has formed in Germany again, albeit inofficially, in the last 20 years since the Berlin Wall came down and Germany was "reunified") operated when they wanted to intimidate anyone who was not a convinced socialist and SED follower. They would send the unwanted "element", as the Stasi called critical citizens, a symbol of death, a symbol or word or sentence, nothing open but something very suggestive, by mail or scratched into the paint of the "element's" car, or in the form of a sentence some stranger would drop so the "element" could hear - and fear - it. Those same methods are used by the perpetrators of organized stalking today in Germany as well.

    The official speaker of the SPD did "not want to comment" on the incident.

    The official news media (ARD Tagesschau and ZDF heute journal) did not mention the incident at all, as always when an incident or crime smells of Stasi involvement...

    Yet the national newspaper DIE WELT (online) and FOCUS were courageous enough to mention this mysterious death threat - despite an inofficial but very obvious censorship in Germany about anything that has to do with the former East German Secret Service ("Stasi") today. (We're talking the Year of 2009!)

    The reason for the censorship is most likely the fact that hundreds of thousands of former Stasi spies have used the last twenty years since the Cold War ended to infiltrate every German office, many companies and the German Federal telecommunication agency Telekom as well as the German Federal Postal System - i.e. the means of communication essential for Germany...

    A few months ago the German public finally was informed that thousands of former Stasi spies have found good positions in the German police and criminal investigations departments (today). And they found good jobs elsewhere, as well.

    So it would be extremely embarrassing if the public - German and elsewhere - were to learn how systematically the former Stasi was able to infiltrate the Federal Republic of Germany in the last 20 years. And that they were able to form a criminal network that is growing and reaching all the way to the Polish and Russian Mafias. The investigative journalist Jürgen Roth (www.juergen-roth.com) has done extensive research on the matter and came up with a new German Mafia that was able to form here in the last 20 years without the public having an idea of what is going on. He calls it the "Deutschland-Clan" and his findings were published in several books by a renowned German publishing house (Eichborn Verlag) - after they were forced by certain individuals to blacken numerous information in the books...

    The books have become bestsellers here in Germany.

    Unfortunately they contain no fiction, but only facts.

    The death threat against Christoph Matschie is just one more indication of those facts.

    Here is a German report about that incident, published by web.de:

    WEB.DE-Alle Magazine-Nachrichten-Deutschland
    Drohbrief an Matschie nach Koalitionsentscheidung

    Erfurt (dpa) - Beim Thüringer SPD-Chef Christoph Matschie ist nach der Koalitionsentscheidung zugunsten der CDU eine anonyme Morddrohung eingegangen. Das Landeskriminalamt habe die Ermittlungen aufgenommen, bestätigte der Sprecher der Erfurter Staatsanwaltschaft, Hannes Grünseisen, am Montag.

    Christoph Matschie
    Beim Thüringer SPD-Chef Christoph Matschie ist eine anonyme Morddrohung eingegangen.
    © dpa

    Details wollte er nicht nennen. Für Matschie sei Personenschutz angefordert worden. Nach Angaben der "Südthüringer Zeitung" erhielt der SPD-Landesvorsitzende einen Drohbrief, dem eine scharfe Patrone beigelegt war.

    Der SPD-Landesvorstand hatte sich vorige Woche für eine Zusammenarbeit mit der CDU entschieden und damit Teile der Basis verärgert, die einer rot-rot-grünen Koalition zuneigte.

  • Texts deleted from blog by unknown hackers//15.09.2009

    A few days ago we checked our Canadian Blog (www.the-dirk-schiller-case.blog.ca) again and noticed that the two latest texts - about the mysterious deaths staged by the Stasi and about the subtle stalking terror methods applied by the Stasi - had been deleted from our Canadian blog sometime between July and now.
    I was also unable to get into that blog two days ago and had to check with my computer expert who told me what to do.
    That makes it obvious that someone out there is able to get into our blog (though I am the only one who has the password...) via the internet and is definitely manipulating the blog, particularly deleting important texts about the Stasi.
    These are obviously perpetrators from the same criminal network here in Germany we have mentioned. They also manipulate our PCs, e-mails, phone lines and so on. They do not want the U.S. and Canada to know more details about their Stasi methods. According to our research they have already spread into neighbor countries here in Europe and we assume that they would like to build up their network in North America as well.

    Please forward texts on our blog you find interesting to British, Canadian or American newspapers (or any other organization that might be interested in such information). The perpetrators have shown extreme interest in stopping any information from getting to the media in the States or Canada.
    Please monitor this blog - and the Canadian one, if possible - on a regular basis! And send us a comment if you were unable to open the blog! Please check to see if we added your comment to our blog! And if not, please contact me by phone here in Germany to inform us if the Canadian blog or this one is taken off the internet or blocked again.

    Thank you for your participation!

  • Where to find more information about Stasi activities then and now//14.09.2009

    Due to mountains of work we have to do here in Germany to get anywhere, we are unable to feed this English blog with texts in English on a regular basis. However, our blog in German language can be found under www.dirkvermisst.blog.de. Here you may find new texts, articles, media reports and links pertaining to current Stasi acitivities in (West and East) Germany today (2009!), as well as pertaining to the case of my missing son, Dirk, and to organized stalking in Germany today.

    A short update:

    1. My German attorney, who specializes in Stasi-affairs, coming from East Germany herself, has done a thorough scan of the Stasi files about Dirk's disappearance with the aid of a West German criminalist. They found notes that essential information was suppressed and taken out of the Stasi files. The couple in the dark blue Moskvitch (Russian make, preferred by Stasi and SED members) who had appeared in the parking lot at the time Dirk disappeared, was identified and interviewed by East German police authorities shortly after Dirk's kidnapping, as a short note in the file (that someone forgot to take out) indicates. The interview is missing... But another written order has been found in the files, stating "If investigations reveal any Stasi involvement, such investigations are to be falsified."

    It says so in writing in the Stasi files, as my attorney and the criminalist have dug up a few months ago, meaning that the Stasi was definitely involved. We will now force the German authorities to reopen the case - if necessary, we will go all the way to the European Human Rights Commission.

    2. Anything that has anything to do with Stasi is being systematically suppressed by the official German media (ARD, ZDF, RTL, SAT 1 etc.), the German authorities and the German government. This has been confirmed to us by journalists, my attorney and others. One journalist (from East Germany) said to me "The whole German media is infiltrated with former Stasi spies. No one will therefore print or report anything negative about the Stasi - we're all afraid for our jobs, our kids and ourselves."

    3. The "Linkspartei" (left-wing political party) is the successor of the PDS Partei, which in turn is the successor of the former SED Party in East Germany, the one and only party of that dictatorial regime. You may find enough material that proves that fact in books by Dr. Hubertus Knabe, published in Germany by renowned publishing houses. This party is gaining votes by disenchanted Germans and particularly lots of former East Germans. The other German party, SPD (which used to be comparable to the Democrats in the States) is now thinking of joining forces with the Linkspartei ("Die Linke") which openly praises socialism (just like the GDR did), wants Germany to get out of the NATO and withdraw from Afghanistan, wants Germany to get out of the EC... Hear the bell?

    4. In the past 20 years (i.e. since the Berlin Wall came down and hundreds of thousands of East German Stasi spies and IMs - inofficial spies of the Stasi - poured into West Germany), these in collaboration with the Polish and Russian mafias as well as German organized crime, have obviously been able to build up a very wide and well-functioning network of organized crime here in Germany. See www.juergen-roth.com, an investigative journalist who published a handful of books in a reputable German publishing house about what he calls the "Deutschland-Clan", i.e. a Germany-wide criminal network reaching into all important German means of communication, such as Telekom (Phone Company) and German Bundespost (Federal Mail System), the Dresdner Bank, car manufacturer Daimler (!), the Polish Mafia and the Russian Mafia...
    Still don't hear the bell ringing?

    5. More and more German citizens are being stalked and mobbed/bullied by strangers on an organized basis. They move to another town - their pursuer follow them. Most of these victims are 50+, have built up a (freelance) career that is being destroyed, have accumulated some wealth that is being destroyed and have purchased a home that their pursuers apparently are trying to get at. These cases are getting more and more, as several different organizations have told us inofficially, among them a large German mobbing center, the Stasi Victim Organization Germany, a Member of the German Parliament (Bundestagsabgeordneter) and a member of the Birthler-Behörde (Archive for Stasi files). The German government knows about this type of crime in Germany, but officially any information about that is suppressed as well - since it obviously has to do with Stasi. The criminal organization (we suspect the so-called "Deutschland-Clan" who targets these victims for various economical reasons) is definitely using a list of stalking-and-bullying techniques that the Stasi used under the term of "Zersetzung". Both facts have never been made available to the wide German (or international) public.
    We think we know why.

    Please read our German blog www.dirkvermisst.blog.de for updated information from trusty sources (not anonymous stuff). If you're interested in how the Stasi is building up in Germany and what the future may hold for Germany within Europe (remember: Magna just purchased the German car manufacturer Opel - Magna is financed by a Russian bank, and Putin is very pleased about this deal...), and if you can't read German, please get someone who can to read these important contributions that we are gathering in our German blog. We will try to add an English text to our English blog once in a while, but it is extremely time consuming, and one thing we don't have (apart from money) is time.

    You may always contact us by phone in Germany. My number is listed on the German blog as well as on my website www.kaiheidi1.de or on www.stasiopfer-selbsthilfe.de. We can refer you to someone who speaks English. Please help us distribute this important information so we may stop this development in Germany before it is too late.

    After all we are in the heart of Europe...

  • The Secret Dissolution of a Personality//07.07.2009

    In the 1970s the East German SED Government attempted to gain international acknowledgment of the GDR as a country that “complied with human rights“.

    By any means available.

    Since the human right violations of the regime that had become known abroad were condemned internationally, the East German Secret Service (Stasi) came up with a special method with which to keep the East German population in check while pretending to the international public to be a democratic, law-abiding state.

    For that “a transition from official judicial terror to subtle, covert methods of persecution and suppression took place“ (Dr. Pingel-Schliemann, „Zersetzung. Strategie einer Diktatur“, Page 86, published by the German Havemann Foundation in 2004). The Ministry of State Security (Stasi) issued the order to realize that transition into covert actions asap.

    All that was required were well-trained “Zersetzer“, i.e. professional stalkers/mobbers/spiest hat could carry out the new method to suppress critical citizens and to systematically destroy their lives. The Stasi borrowed the term for that new/old terror method from the Third Reich, where the term of “Zersetzung“ had already been coined. The method with which people can be destroyed also shows direct parallels with the Nazis’ sadistic way of thinking. One one aspect about it was new: the perfidious systematics, the refined system how to attack the human psyche from all sides and destroy it over the years, how to push the target person into insanity or even suicide.

    For the purpose of training their Stasi members in the new method, the “State Security“ established their very own faculty of “operative psychology“ at the University of State Security in Berlin-Potsdam. It was an individual special field of studies that simply turned around the true goal of psychology – to heal a troubled soul – with the aid of scientific findings of psychiatry. The developers of the method of “operative psychology“ realized that healthy souls can be made sick with the very same findings if only you continue with the method systematically and patiently – and so subtly that the victim’s environment does not witness it (or participates in the evil game themselves). That way any human being will become so insecure, isolated and desperate with time that eventually he or she simply has no more strength, energy or hope left, his or her daily life being staged and manipulated by others for years, while the victim senses it without knowing why, by whom, how and exactly what.

    Those periodical, countless hidden little acts of destruction were based on the Chinese water torture, where a drop of water will be dripping on the same body part steadily and for days or weeks on end, or the tortured is forced to listen to the continuous dripping for an indefinite period. In the beginning it is harmless, but then he will be waiting for it, that drop of water will become more and more unbearable, and that without any hope for an end.

    That is how the method of “Zersetzung” (“dissolution”) of the Stasi works. And it is extremely effective.

  • The Creative Killing // 15.04.2009

    The fact that the Stasi – as ordered by the East German SED Government – was dead serious about the systematic destruction of their more critical citizens is not only shown by the labor camps that had already been established.
    But also by their means of “operative psychology“, the organized stalking, bullying and mental terror that was applied to destroy their victims once and for all and to push them into suicide.
    And if that didn’t work, the Stasi took the liberty to speed up the process a bit.
    However: It could not be an open homicide since that had alarmed some of the tamed East Germans as well. And it might have become known on the other side of the Wall. How embarrassing that would have been for the “Democratic” Republic, right? The regime was afraid of “potential negative political effects”.

    And those worries were only too justified …

    A handwritten note that was found in confiscated Stasi files shows the creativity of ambitious employees of the Stasi when coming up with getting rid of a victim in a way so that no one else will get suspicious (see page from source: “Zersetzen. Strategie einer Diktatur“. Dr. Sandra Pingel-Schliemann, Berlin 2004, P. 283).

    One idea was to “apply alcohol (to the target person) in a freezing cold winter’s night“ in order to “let it freeze to death while drunk“ (see source P. 283 and 284).
    Another creative murder plan suggested to “drill a hole into the brake lines of cars“ (see source P. 283 and 284)
    A third idea was “to mix something into bottles sent in packages".

    The name “Popiolusdzko“ contained in the handwritten note also indicates the plans of those Stasi officials from the Department XX in Berlin to murder citizens that did not agree with the East German regime – Popioluszko was a Catholic priest who had been murdered by the Polish Secret Service.

    The suspicion that the Stasi caused fatal car accidents and poisonings of their victims as (sometimes more, sometimes less) ordered from above and that those two subtle methods were their favorite homicide methods, and that they assumably killed thousands of people with those techniques, is supported by a “phenomena” that is unbelievable for West Germans.

    Just talk to East Germans! The majority of the former GDR citizens knows at least one person in their environment who is presumed to have been poisoned or who became the victim of an accident under mysterious and suspicious circumstances, each case showing indications that the Stasi was actively involved. (How many citizens of the free world know of such a suspicious death in their own environment that involves a secret service?). And since the typical citizen from former East Germany does not stand out as being hysterical or particularly paranoid, but rather as having given up for good, those lasting rumors and assumptions, conclusions and inofficial bits of information must not be swept under the clean German carpet as being “nonsense, that can’t be true” …

    The scandal that a secret death machinery was raging under the SED government in East Germany and that it has never been UNCOVERED even 20 years after the Wall came down, that the state-appointed killers of those days enjoy plump retirement plans or are even able to carry out more homicides paid by organized crime today, that any information which has to do with the Stasi is being censored in Germany today, that the same methods of destroying and killing have been appearing more and more all over Germany in the last years, and that the police, the judicial system and the politicians are simply looking away while (or perhaps because?) the perpetrators were able to infiltrate all authorities, communication centers, corporations and the media in Germany after the Reunification – yes, that scandal is really unbelievable.

    Imagine there is a Stasi – and nobody is looking …

    The Stasi Expert and Director of the Memorial Hohenschönhausen (former Stasi prison) Dr. Hubertus Knabe also fears that the German Left Party, which he uncovers in his new book as the direct successors of that very same murderous SED-Stasi regime, could suceed in hurriedly prohibiting his so important book that has just been published in time for the next federal German elections this fall.

    Imagine there is an East German censorship in Germany today – and nobody is looking …

  • Threats and Intimidations // 04.04.2009

    30 jahre 001
    The latest order in my name (tattoos) looks like a hint of the organized criminals that they are informed about someone among my closer circle of friends as well - someone who has tattoos. I will make an appointment with the public prosecutor for next week to personally talk with her about the matter because it just can't go on like that. The prosecutor's office closes my file - and the perpetrators continue merrily with their anonymous orders in my name.

    The connection between organized stalking in Germany today and the Stasi back then becomes ever clearer, since the organized stalkers have been rather active again in regards to myself and the co-workers of our book project "Witnesses of East Germany" for the past few weeks (starting the very day after we telephonically decided to go ahead with the book project about a selection of typical shocking life stories of former East German citizens to be published this year in which the opening of the Berlin Wall will be 20 years ago, to be celebrated in Fall of 2009, as well as this year of German federal elections). They are delivering distinct threats and intimidations again, in some cases daily. The criminals of organized stalking with the former Stasi methods apparently do not appreciate our book project ...

  • http://www.rtl.de/punkt12/punkt12.php // 02.04.2009


  • Looking for Trails in Berlin // 01.04.2009

    Berlin 26.03.2009 003

    Last week I had another very exhausting day.

    I had to learn some very informative details about the former activities of the Youth Offices in East Germany - how they handled the "goods" children without wasting a thought on the possible effects of those children.

    A new trail leads to the Berlin Youth Office and the Berlin Magistrate's Office where I will be able to take a look at the adoption files of 1979-1980 ...

    The director of the Berlin Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie, Alexandra, has been quite busy since the press conference on 20 March of this year (see blog entry). She contacted the German Department of Interior Affairs and the Russian Embassy for the files of Russian officers with children etc..

    Unfortunately Mr Knabe did not show up yesterday for the TV interview; he cancelled his appearance at RTL. But I did get his book "The Perpetrators Are Among Us" ("Die Täter sind unter uns" by Dr Hubertus Knabe).

    Emotionally I haven't felt too well for days.

    However, we will continue.

    I also got mail again. Unknown persons ordered tattoos in the name of Heidemarie Stein.

    Now the Department of Interior Affairs will be informed about the way the local police and district attorney are handling these stalking activities.

  • Filming for another TV Show // 25.03.2009

    RTL-Samstag 009
    Last Saturday I was in the East German Region Harz once again for the filming of another TV show. Once again I was standing in the filed Dirk disappeared thirty years ago, and in the parking lot where only his sister Silvia appeared again. This time it was for another German TV Show by the RTL Channel. Afterwards I felt queasy, I was dead tired and hoping that the phone wouldn't ring on Sunday ...

    The rest of the filming will take place tomorrow. I was able to invite Dr Hubertus Knabe who will introduce his new book in which he gives proof of a direct connection between our current political party, the Left Party (Linke) and the former socialist East German party SED as well as the former East German secret service (numerous former Stasi spies are now members of said party in Germany and able to suppress any information about themselves to the public). It is the book he worries about that the Left Party might be able to force him to take it off the market in time before our next federal election in Fall of 2009. Even though (or rather because) it only states facts and he is able to give evidence that lead to his conclusions.

    The TV show should be interesting for any German citizen - and aware citizens of other countries - who want to live in a still free Germany in 2 or 3 (or 5?) years from now. I will publish the exact date of the TV show in this blog as soon as I know it.

    Altersheim 001
    This afternoon will be a bit more colorful and cheerful - at a home for senior citizens in Braunschweig. That is the place where the winning ticket for the painting "Heart of Hope" benefitting the Dirk Schiller Case will be drawn today. I can't wait to find out who won the painting!

  • Labor Camps with Watchtowers and Barbed Wire … //22.03.2009

    One dark corner of the former East German Stasi soul barely known to West Germans were labor camps. Labor camps including watchtowers and barbed wire all around. Just like we know them from sinister Hollywood movies or historical documentaries.

    No, this isn’t a misprint – this is not about German fascism which officially came to an end in 1945.

    We are talking about East Germany (i.e. a few decades later on the very same grounds and soil) and the creative ideas of its right hand, the Stasi. They found their own subtle methods of terror (called “Zersetzung“) to be too slow – those destructive methods that were applied to a victim for many years (also see the organized stalking with Stasi methods that has been spreading secretly and still only inofficially since the Millenium, i.e. over 10 years after the end of East Germany, in all of Germany).

    Therefore the Stasi (the so called East German „“Ministry of State Security, will say: the Secret Police of the former GDR) began to work on labor camps. A nifty thing with potential. After all, it had already worked so well under Hitler, isn’t that right?

    When, after many years of captivity in their own country, the East German residents spilled across the borders in 1989, those labor camps apparently had already been put up all over East Germany, ready to go into labor, so to speak. Everything had been planned and prepared in the efficiency so typical of Germans: the names of the 86,000 individuals (!) plus secret snapshots of those unpleasant citizens, the locations of the camps, the camp staff, the supply and how to run everything smoothly …

    Thery were ready for the order, the Stasi members, and would have been capable of apprehending 86,000 people (!) within 24 hours, deporting them to those labor camps. (Source: “Zersetzen. Strategie einer Diktatur“. Dr. Sandra Pingel-Schliemann, Berlin 2004, P. 365).

    Hello? Does that ring a bell anywhere?

    And how many steps are there from a labor camp to a concentration camp in case the tough recipients of years of Stasi stalking methods and additional years of forced labor just refuse to be eliminated?

    Those who planned the labor camp planners and those who realized them are living right among in here in Germany today, free from bothersome harassment or persecution. And not only that ...

    The latest book by Dr Hubertus Knabe, Stasi Expert and Director of the former notorious East German prison Hohenschönhausen, offers some interesting connections. In his book he pursues the trail of today’s German “Left Party“ via the former Party PDS straight back to the former East German Government, the SED and the Stasi. And by doing that, he shows us blind voters who will get our votes and who will really control our country if ...

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